Google Ads vs SEO which is better?

Google Ads vs SEO

Google Ads vs SEO

Google Ads vs SEO which is better and what medium you should choose for your website? It is a tricky question and I often come across this riddle. As an SEO expert, I can guide you in a most vivid way that which option you should go for. I will highlight the pros and cons of Google Ads/Google Adwords and SEO for giving you a clearer picture.

             Google ads                  SEO

Rapid turnover It assists your website to rank high without dragging you into a time-taking process.    
It is a time-consuming process that requires a certain time for ranking your website high.  
Paid content By ranking your website through Google ads you will have to pay for every click.Free of cost Once you get started you don’t have to pay anything for the traffic.  
Great Options give you maximum control. It is more organized and flexible.Just Appear in search results, you are left with one option only to be seen in search results    
More manageable give you maximum control. It is more organized and flexible.Less manageable allows for less control. After a Google update, you can lose your traffic and can hardly retrieve it back.  
Option of remarketing you can remarket your product with some incentives and offers to make the visitor come back to your site for a purchaseBound with one method You can’t remarket, you are just told to improve your website ranking.  
Easy targeting Here you have the liberty to select the location and time zone for your ads. You can decide where and when to show your ad.  Fixed method SEO gives you less control when it comes to targeting. You don’t have the option to narrow down a certain location& timings.   

Which medium requires more effort?

Google Ads vs SEO

With Google ads, once your website ranks high no further effort requires…Reality or a delusion? It is a misconception that you might need no effort after you gain traffic on your site through Google ads. Whether you opt for SEO or Google Adwords/Google ads, you have to do your best for maintaining your position by link-building and posting blogs. You have to make the best out of your resources for keeping up your rank. Monitor keenly on both mediums to yield profitable results.

Google ads cost you, so if you are financially capable enough to pay Google then Google ads will be a suitable choice for you as you can also garner immediate results.

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