How to become an SEO expert

How to become an SEO expert

If you have how to become an SEO expert, here are some important steps you should take to accomplish your goal.

SEO is not as easy a field as it sounds.

It requires commitment and patience to reap the rewards of hard work.

An SEO expert is a person who knows how to optimize websites to get more organic traffic. 

Understand the fundamentals of SEO

How to become an SEO expert

Before learning how to run, one needs to learn how to walk correctly. The same is the case with SEO. 1st, Learn the basics of SEO by watching YouTube tutorials or SEO tutorial websites. Read the free guides by popular platforms like Backlinko, Search Engine Journal, and Semrush. Knowing how search engines and users interact will benefit you throughout your SEO career.

You can read the Semrush guide on keyword difficulty here,

You can get a free guide from Backlinko, “The definitive guide to SEO”. By visiting the Backlinko site here, you can access the free guide.

Another free resource is the definitive guide to SEO “search engine optimization for beginners” by Search Engine Journal. You can get it by visiting here.

Make your own website

Build Your Website

The best step is to make your own website and experiment with it. You can optimize your website by applying the tactics and techniques learned in SEO tutorials and books. 

Experts suggest that before doing SEO for big names, it is preferable to practice SEO on your own website. It will allow you to learn the techniques and master them by getting hands-on experience.

Know how to build your website by reading “Develop your website in WordPress” here.

Learn WordPress tutorial

Learn how to use WordPress

WordPress tutorial is very important in the Search Engine Optimization field. Nearly 60% of websites are made on WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management system that allows web admins to create compelling content in a short amount of time.

WordPress aligns with SEO principles. So, you can create SEO-friendly blogs and websites. 

Learn Google Analytics course

Google Analytics

Google Analytics course is also very important. Google Analytics is a powerful tool by Google that empowers web admins and SEO experts to measure the performance of their websites. It lets you measure and report the key metrics to optimize an SEO campaign. 

Learn Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console lets you optimize the website to appear in the search results. It works in combination with Google analytics. It is essential to know how these tools work to optimize the website to appear on the 1st page of Google.

Join the best SEO Facebook groups

Join SEO groups on Facebook

Learning alone is better for speed and efficiency, but one can encounter roadblocks and obstacles in real-time. A community around your niche can help you get over the roadblocks and achieve success. 

It is highly recommended that you join the best SEO Facebook groups. Keeping in touch with other SEO professionals will help you network and share your experiences along the way.

Read top SEO blogs

Read SEO blogs

Blogs are modern-day magazines. Reading relevant blogs in your niche is a good practice for staying up-to-date with the latest knowledge.

The following blogs are some top SEO blogs, which every aspiring SEO expert should read:

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Journal

Marketing Land

Ahref blog

Moz blog

Hubspot blog

WP beginner

Keeping in touch with these blogs will sharpen your marketing skills and make you an authority in your niche.

Read SEO books

Read SEO books

An average CEO reads up to 60 books a year. Reading books will never hurt you. You can enhance your knowledge, get credible information and keep your skills intact by reading regularly. Some of the best books on SEO are:

Do SEO training course

search engine optimization course

Learning from the best in the industry is the preferable way to master SEO skills. I have curated a list of high-quality SEO courses which are affordable and packed with valuable nuggets of information.

Listen to the best SEO podcasts

Listen to the podcasts

Podcasts are modern-day radio. When you get tired from reading and watching, try listening to the best SEO podcasts. The benefit of podcasts is that you can listen to them while doing other tasks. Whether you are cleaning dishes, cooking, or driving, the podcast experience is a seamless experience.

Generate backlinks

Create backlinks

Only knowing will not benefit you much if you don’t put the knowledge into practice. Building backlinks is the spine of the SEO skeleton. To make your SEO campaign successful, you will need to create high-quality backlinks. Backlinks not only increase traffic to your website but also adds to the overall credibility of your website. 


It is essential to learn the fundamentals by reading relevant books and blogs, watching tutorials on YouTube, and enrolling in the best courses on SEO. You should make your own website and generate backlinks. Learn Google Analytics course and Google search console tools. Join the Facebook groups and listen to the podcasts to fill your knowledge tank. All these steps are essential for a person who’s finding how to become an SEO expert.

Doing all the tasks mentioned above, you can expect to master the fundamentals of SEO within six months. However, mastering advanced-level SEO will take around 12 months.

Action is the key to mastering SEO. Read that book you have been delaying for so long. Enroll in the course you have been holding onto for months. Get into action mode and become an expert within months.

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