How to design a Google ad campaign structure

Google Ad campaign structure

What is your website structure? You can design a good Google ad campaign structure by following the same structure. Let’s make it simpler and more apparent; suppose you have a digital marketing website; what you can do in this regard is to create a campaign with the same names; as the services you are delivering, take them as it is and mention them in the campaign.

You can design a campaign for each service, whether content writing, SEO, PPC, etc. Now in the SEO campaign, the ad group will be exclusively for SEO alone, and the target landing page will be the same as your website’s SEO landing page.

It means your keywords will match with the ad group; the ad group will match with the landing page. In this way, there will be absolutely no ambiguity as your website, and Google Ad structure will be the same.

Google ad structure can be designed according to your objectives:

Making customers buy your services

The services or products you sell and your objective are to make a maximum sale. For this, you can design a search campaign. In this campaign, you will market your products to make massive sales.

Want brand recognition as a start-up

if your objective is first to make an impression on your audience and to introduce your brand, then you can design a display campaign for your products.

Design a campaign against your products

Here you will mention each service, and according to the service, you will design a campaign against each service.

You can design a campaign according to the location

If you are selling your products in two different areas, such as you sell in US and UK; you can develop a campaign that goes for the UK and one campaign goes for the US. Doing this will quickly analyze in which region it is in demand.

The benefits of a well-designed Google ads campaign structure

  • Ease of making quick changes in your campaigns
    You can examine handily which campaign is making an up-to-the-mark performance. Similarly, you can get to know which campaigns aren’t performing well.

  • The Keywords that are making conversions in a specific campaign can be observed and monitored.

  • It will be easier and simpler to make modifications in a well-built AdWords campaign structure as you can make the desired changes anytime you want.

  • A good quality score makes an effective Google ad.
    Keywords, ad groups, and landing pages support each other and have harmony;

What does a well-developed Google ad structure look like?

Google ad account can manage around 10,000 campaigns (both active and paused campaigns). Each campaign can contain 20,000 ad groups.
In each ad group, there can be 50 text ads.

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