How to manage time


How to manage time


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

                                                                 Michael Altshuler

Time management tips and tricks

Nowadays everyone is worried about how to manage time. life is busy, and its busyness often makes us harp the mantra ‘we don’t have time. Here I am sharing a set of time management tips and tricks. But before you jump into this, let’s make one thing clear in the very first place, you can’t manage time but can definitely manage yourself. We have 24 hours neither can we exceed these hours, nor can we decrease them.

In your daily routine, you can add something, subtract something, and put something on hold. Let’s take a look below and discover how possibly you can learn to manage time:


Power Hour 

Admit that we don’t try to avoid distractions while working. When we work, we keep checking our messages and responding to them, etc. Such distractions waste time, and we end up leaving many tasks undone. To avoid this bafflement setting a power hour will be beneficial. Decide your power hour, and turn off all the distractions, no social media, no whats app group. Stay focused!

Start your day with Fajar

Start your day with Fajar

Begin your day with the blessings of salat fajar. Early to bed too early to rise is the ultimate key to success. If you start your day just after numaz-e-fajar, there will be no rush; you will go smoothly!

Early morning is the best time to get started peacefully. In the morning, there is no noise and no distractions. It offers an ample amount of time to divide your tasks in an organized way.

Make a to-do and a not-to-do-list

not to do list

You have heard enough about making a to-do list. Today I am going to introduce you to Not-To-Do-List. After crafting wisely your to-do list, you must make a not-to-do list.

Now, this is going to be interesting. In the not-to-do list, pen down all the activities that you must not do! Limit social media usage, watching tv shows, etc. Develop this healthy routine as this helps you gradually to adopt a healthy habit that supports you in staying focused.

Divide the to-do list into chunks, which makes the task easier. Assign a time slot for division.

Now let’s take a sneak peek into the done list; here, you can list the tasks you completed. The done list will keep you thrilled and encouraged. 

Plan your next day

 plan your next day.

It’s very important, how to plan your next day. Planning the next day’s activity will be fruitful in avoiding confusion and commotion. When you plan your tasks before time, this will never let you face any bamboozlement. You happen to cope with your work and commitments in order perfectly.

Take advantage of your golden hour time.

How to manage time

 What you call prime time! You know well at what time you give your best. Everyone has his own prime time. Some people are good at working at night. Some are more productive in the early morning. That’s the best time to evaluate and assess your eligibility. So discover your prime time and give your best shot!

Don’t multitask


Taking one task at a time causes time wastage. Multitasking can be complex. It diverts your attention, and you remain out of focus. You feel unable to complete any of the tasks. So it’s better to avoid multitasking.

keep the focus on your goals

how to manage time

Keeping the focus on your goals simple and ingenious is very important. Make sure to keep your goals time-realistic and measurable.

Get tech assistance

mobile apps

Some apps support you in managing your daily tasks and time. An app like a to-do list and habit bull enable you to synchronize with all the matters you will be dealing with.

Outsource tasks 

Outsourcing some of your tasks will save you time too. Sometimes you can’t handle all the tasks, for lessening your burden and performing better, outsourcing some of your tasks is one of the wisest tricks you can try to save some time.

Make the best use of time by applying this handful of dos and don’ts!

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