I am going to give you a comprehensive and simple guide on how to do keyword research for Google ads

Here I am going to give you a comprehensive and simple guide on how to do keyword research for Google ads.

Expand your business with Google Ads

Let’s dig deeper into how to show up to your customers in searches!

Google provides an amazing tool called Google keyword planner. It is free to use. When it comes to Google ads then keyword research plays a chief role. 

I will tell you step by step how to use it rightfully as by doing so you will be able to get your ad in the sight of your target customers or target audience in marketing.

Get More Customers with the help of Google Ads/Google AdWords

 Log in to your Google ad/Google AdWords account

  • First, sign in to your Google ads account
  • Go to the tools icon
  • Go to the slot Planning
  • Select Keyword Planner
  • Click the open link in the new tab
  • Go to Discover new keywords

(Let’s suppose you have a digital marketing company and you need to find out keywords regarding digital marketing)

  • Try typing the Digital marketing keyword in the tab (you can add multiple keywords)
  • Now click on Get results

Now you can see the results of your searched keywords. Google will show you the ratio of your keywords. 

At the top of your screen, you will be able to see the location too. Here you can decide the location, on the decided location your Google ad will be displayed to that particular region and locality. By changing the location the stats will be changed too.

Secondly, you will be able to see the slot of Competition—medium to low. It shows how many users are building based on these keywords.

You will be able to see the Top of page Bid (low range), Top of Page bid (high range). These stats show how much you will be paying if you want your Ad to be on the first page. 

Initially, you have to opt for keywords that have low competition and that can garner traffic. 

You can select the relevant keywords and by changing the location you can see how changing the location changes the stats of the cost of bid for the first page. 

Another way to search for keywords

Besides all that mentioned above, there is one thing simpler that you can try:

  • Go to the Google search bar 
  • Type in Digital Marketing
  • Hit Enter

Keenly look at the results. From here you can find great assistance. Such as “People also ask” have various relevant questions that you would find close to your search. At the bottom of the page, you will find ‘Related searches’, here you will be able to find many keywords that can be helpful for you. 

You can also try looking at the ads that are displayed on the same page. By adding the location of any country you can get to see a wide range of keywords. 

What benefits do you get from Google Keyword Planner?

  • In “discover new keywords” you can get useful suggestions for keywords that are relevant to your website/product. 
  • You get to see the statistics of keyword searches done on monthly bases. 
  • Find out the average expense of your ad 
  • Discover the way to manage relevant keywords for your product/website

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