Today we will discuss PPC FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions about PPC. People often come up with some questions about PPC to make the best out of PPC. It will be helpful for you to get clarity on these FAQs. I am sharing my deep insight to make you know every single piece of valuable info regarding PPC.

PPC FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best source of learning Google ads? 

Google Skillshop’ is the best source for learning Google ads. It is a platform owned by Google. All the channels and certifications of Google are available at Google Skillshop. Here you can learn all the professional Google skills and solutions. All courses are free.

From where to get the practical insight and knowledge of PPC?

After you have learned the theoretical knowledge, you now want practical insight; for this, you may go through my detailed playlist of Google ads. Here I have explained minor to significant details for your assistance. Learn step by step; you will be able to learn the advanced level of practical knowledge of Google ads. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer many opportunities for freelancing projects. Besides that, you can also work as a PPC expert as agencies need PPC experts to run their PPC campaigns.

Where to implement the practical knowledge of Google ads?

Now at this stage, you are skilled in Google Ads, but you don’t know where you can execute this skill. If you own a business, you can market it through Google ads. If you don’t own any business, then freelancing will be the best option for you to execute your skills in Google ads.

How to get clients?

In PPC FAQs this question is mostly asked. As a newbie, if you have taken a proper certification of Google ads, then make sure to market it efficiently. Your organization and your peers should have a clue about your PPC skills. Make an impressive and comprehensive profile on social media accounts, including LinkedIn and Instagram, that should say all about your PPC skills. It will be best for you to market your PPC skills through your Blogs. You can also give tutorials on PPC on YouTube and let people know that you have a complete grasp of Google ads, and they can consider hiring your services.

How do you determine the budget of the client’s project?

You will begin by thoroughly researching that particular product and its price range. You can collect info through SEO. For instance, look at the traffic coming through SEO on its site for this product and the ratio of its turnover; this will help you determine the budget. Secondly, you can critically observe the competitors of that product and see what figure they are demanding. There is a tool that you can use, Semrush; here, you can get all the info by inserting the URL of competitors. Start with the small and gradually rise!

Approximately how much should I charge for managing a Google Ads account?

You can ask for 10 or 20 percent of the amount your client is investing per month. The second option is to fix an amount that suits you for the services yore executing. Besides that, you can charge a specific percentage against each sale after getting the basic amount.

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