SEO Chrome Extensions for website ranking

Are you among those who find SEO a tough nut? Well, I am here to make things simpler and easier for you with SEO Chrome Extension. Here is a list of extensions that will help you understand better optimization of any type of website, after installing these extensions it will make the entire Search engine optimization process quite easy. Just like the Best SEO plugins for WordPress are very helpful for better optimization of any website, the best Chrome extensions for website ranking are also helpful.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the SEO extensions and discover how helpful they are:

1. MOZ Bar

Moz Bar is an amazing SEO tool for Chrome, as you can imagine its efficiency by looking at the number of downloads it has. It has been downloaded more than 80,0000, and the numbers still rising.

This extension lets you know about domain authority with a single click. It provides you with the statistics of a webpage. The single-click model of MOZ bar extensions allows you to pass on SERPs into a CRV file; you can access analytics too. 

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere tool is one of the best SEO Chrome extensions. It is a great tool that allows you to discover multiple information for keywords on Google, such as cost per click, monthly search volume, and Google Awards competition. 

Installing this extension on your browser will show you all the relevant keywords for your desired keyword/term. So for keyword analysis, I recommend Keywords Everywhere to install!

3. SEO Meta in 1 click

SEO META in 1 CLICK” This is also one of the awesome extensions for SEO. This extension unveils all the SEO info for the web, including the meta tags, for you with a slight click. It lets you know all it takes, such as descriptions, lengths of captions and titles, headers order-wise, URL, and images without alt text. 

4. SEO Quake

Do the audit of your website with SEOquake!

This extension functions like a dashboard, giving complete information about a domain’s performance. It allows you to go through a report of individual pages. Let me tell you about one of the best features of SEO quack; its SEO toolkit. With this toolkit’s help, you can learn about backlinks and keyword rank. You can easily optimize your content with SEO quack. 

5. Vid IQ

VID IQ’s vision for YouTube is yet another brilliant extension. For enhancing the impact of your YouTube videos, VID IQ works brilliantly. Installing it will earn more views and can drive maximum engagement on your videos. 

Get to know the watch time, views, and all the activity on your videos with the help of Vid IQ.

So these are a handful of SEO extensions. Install them on your browser and enjoy the convenience as they make the SEO process a piece of the cake. If you need more help, stay tuned, as, in the near future, I will share a detailed video on all these extensions to give you a clearer picture!

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