There are some PPC terms you need to know regarding Google Ads that people usually don

There are some PPC terms you need to know regarding Google Ads that people usually don’t understand. To make the most out of Google Ads, getting a better understanding of these terms is important. Here I have listed 14 PPC terms or terminology:

Let’s take a look below and discover PPC terms

  1. PPC
    The pay-per-click model makes you pay for each click your ad is clicked. You, as an advertiser, pay Google for the clicked Ad.
  2. Keyword
    A keyword plays a significant role in Google Ads as it is a word or a group of words that users use while searching for a particular product/service/brand. The selection of words defines the placement of your Ad.
  3. Impression
    Whenever a user types a specific keyword, and in that result, your ad appears on the search result page, an impression is counted. Sometimes it happens your Ad makes impressions but doesn’t get more clicks. It gets into the eye of the users, but a few opt to click it.
  4. Click
    It is another essential term because all the statistics rotate around the number of clicks your Ad makes.
  5. Cost
    The term ”Cost” defines the total expense you bear on Ads. In simple words, your defined budget for PPC campaigns is your COST.
  6. CPC
    CPC stands for cost per click. In your PPC marketing campaigns, what you pay as an advertiser for the actual price against each click is called CPC.
  7. CTR
    CTR is a short-term Click Through Rate. Through CTR, the number of clicks you receive as an advertiser is evaluated by the number of impressions your ad receives.
  8. Quality score
    Through a quality score, you check the quality of your Ad. It shows on a scale of 1 to 10. Google assigns the numbers. The highest is ten where, whereas the 1 is the lowest number.
  9. Landing page
    When a visitor clicks an ad that lands him on your website that is called a landing page. Usually, the URL of that page and your Ad’s URL is the same. As an advertiser, you settle on a final URL for your landing page.
  10. Conversions
    What you want to receive from your Ad/website is a conversion; when a visitor performs a particular action after clicking your Ad, such as if he purchases your product or avails your services, this action is called a conversion.
  11. Ranking
    The ranking shows where you stand in search engine results. Ranking can b made better with better keywords; this improves the Quality Score of your ad.
  12. Conversion value
    The conversion you made through Google ads? What is its value? It approximates your return on the investment you made. The total conversion value divides by the number of clicks.
  13. Conversion rate
    The number of visitors coming to your website through PPC and they are performing the action you want them to take shows the conversion rate of your Ad.
  14. AB testing
    Through AB testing, different landing pages, ads, and keywords check as to which one of them turned profitable.
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