Top 10 digital marketing trends in 2023

As a responsible digital marketer, you must be on the lookout for the latest digital marketing trends to optimize your marketing strategy. It would come as no surprise to you that the Covid pandemic has caused the changes which were expected to happen in upcoming years. Let’s have a look at some of the digital marketing stats:

  • According to McKinsey, there is a 20 percent increase in online shopping as compared to previous years
  • Digital ad spending increased by 12 percent in 2023
  • Google, Facebook, and Amazon are three giants in ad spending
  • 30 percent intend to continue shopping from home post-pandemic

These stats confirm the fact that businesses need to establish their online presence. Otherwise, they will be losing significant revenue on the table.

Listed below are some of the major digital marketing trends of 2023 as predicted by marketing thought leaders and industry experts.

Importance of search intent

Search intent is the intention behind a search query that the visitor writes in the Google search bar. Google’s business is based on providing relevant and useful information to users. It optimizes humans more than just algorithms. If someone searches for ‘Amazon’, Google will understand that the user is searching for an eCommerce store rather than Amazon jungle. 

Google is sophisticated enough now to know the difference between informational, commercial, or transactional intent. Google adopted semantic search which considers the intent and context of the query more than only keywords at the superficial level.

Long-form content

We saw increased social media marketing trends in short-form content across various social media channels. The emergence of Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, and short tik tok videos left us spellbound for quite a long period. Unless there started occurring tiny changes like the extension of the Instagram reel to 1 minute and tik tok videos going as long as 3 minutes. This trend pointed fingers toward the importance of long-form content.

As far as Google is concerned, long-form content performs better than short articles. You can out win even the giants of the industry if your content is written keeping in view the search intent and addressing it comprehensively.

Multi-channel marketing is a must

To take full advantage of the marketing technology, you should be present on each channel and platform. All modern-day businesses use every media channel to promote their product, service, or offer support to their customers.

As a marketer, you should utilize every contact point for better accessibility and customer service. The possible options are social media channels, live chat, phone calls, email support, and chatbots. Using omnichannel marketing will not leave any aspect from where your customers cannot contact you.
The 4 big giants in social media marketing are Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I recommend establishing these 4 social media channels as they are responsible for 80% of the traffic. You can tap into this huge traffic using the right marketing strategies and tactics.

Video content Marketing

Video content Marketing is one of the best online marketing trends. Youtube is the 2nd most visited platform in the USA with respect to organic traffic.79% of people agree that they purchased an app or software after watching a related video. This fact shows the importance of video marketing for your business. video marketing strategy is the perfect choice for you if your product can be better shown and explained with the help of video.

The Pandemic has also contributed greatly to the growing need for video marketing. Video is the first form of content consumed mainly by the audience followed by blogs.

User experience matters

Having a frictionless user experience is a necessity in today’s world full of distractions. Google introduced the user experience update which included core web vitals. The 3 core elements are page stability, page speed, and page-to-speed interactivity.

If the user interface is not intuitive or smooth, it will affect the conversion largely. You can take the example of Amazon which has made shopping as easy as a button click. A long process of adding items to the cart and then checking out creates friction in the buyer’s journey. Try to make the user experience as flowy as possible.

Voice search

It was predicted that voice search would be the trend in 2019, but it was not the case. There was no way digital marketers could analyze the traffic coming from voice searches. However, things might catch on with respect to voice search in 2023. As more and more users are using the latest smartphones and are inclined towards using voice for searching information online, it makes sense that voice search might dominate in 2023.

Your website 

As the Corona pandemic caused buyers to go online shopping, many businesses felt the need for a digital presence. The slow-loading websites were no longer an option. If your website loads slower and looks clunky, you will lose customers at a lightning speed (not really!). 

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to make your website a priority. It should load faster, look professional, and be interactive and robust. 

Remote work

The covid pandemic caused employees to work from home and this trend continues to date. It is no surprise that the employees expect some form of remote work. It holds true for marketers as well. As 2023 folds on, businesses will be shifting to a remote business model. Though they will not shift completely to remote work most probably follow a hybrid model.

Final thoughts:

As 2023 has arrived, more and more businesses have felt the need to optimize their digital presence, whether it’s their website, social media profiles, or YouTube presence. To take advantage of the power of digital marketing technology, digital marketers should optimize their website for voice search, making its user experience more smooth, and working on the core web vitals. Your website should have content that addresses user intent and includes videos and long-form content to stand out among the crowd.

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