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Hi! Meet me! Osama Naseem

A professional and certified Google Ads expert. Welcome to my blog! I am the best known for my expertise in boosting any business to a pro level. I not only am the consultant but also the trainer with an urge to help your businesses grow and meet the true legitimate supremacy of digital advertisement to accomplish the highest goals.

My Expertise

I’ve hand on experience on the following Google Ads Campaign Types

I am here to announce that, with over 13 years of hands-on experience and being Certified Google Ads Expert, I am now offering unparalleled Google Ads campaign management services to enhance your business growth

🟡 Search Ads
🟡 Display Ads
🟡 YouTube Ads
🟡 Shopping Ads
🟡 Performance Max Ads

My Mission

My vision and mission is simple yet profound: I’m here to endow businesses and industry to lead the complex world of Google Ads with assurance. May it be in achieving higher ROI, optimal venture for better performance, or simply demystifying the complexity of digital advertising, I’m sworn to help you win.

Giving Personal Training and Consultancy

My Journey

I started my career as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) manager years ago, successively I pass by ever-emerging world of digital marketing where I realised the infinite importance of online advertising for any business. What at first begun with passive interest sooner became my audacity and passion. I dig in forward into the divine arena of Google Ads, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Certifications and Expertise

Not only I am proud to hold the following certifications

Digital Marketing Nanodegree from Udacity (Google)

Certified Google Search ads

Certified Bing Ads

But also I’ve more than 13 years experience in Google ads with diversified and challenging campaign runs for the variety of businesses. This stands me out with the most up-to-date and trendy technologist in the realm of digital marketing

Google Insights with Expert on My Youtube Channel

Consultancy and Training​.

The true glory of my career development throughout; is the opportunity to work closely with variety of businesses from small to giant enterprises. As a consultant, I’ve had the vantage to serve organizations in crafting an effective and data-provenmarketing strategies that not only lead to transparent results but leaving their businesses with a visible exponential growth. My competitive strategy lie in understanding each client’s specific needs, state of affairs, and oblique cases, and then formulate a plan of action to retrofit their organization. But this is yet not a full stop! Because I believe in dispersing my knowledge and sharing my experience with the one’s who are overeager to learn about the actuality of online advertisement. The potential apprentices are welcome to enroll in my training sessions and workshops to learn the skills that they need outperform in the world of digital marketing.

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